Team 7461 is looking for mentors in the Seattle, WA area

Team 7461, Binary Circles, is looking for mentors in the Seattle area as we go into our second year. We are mainly looking for help in mechanical design, fabrication, and team management, though any and all help is appreciated! We’re based in Redmond, WA, which is approximately 25-30 minutes away from Seattle by car.

Our team’s a second-year community team, with members from 6 schools and counting, though the bulk of our students come from Tesla STEM and Redmond High school. Our team had very little mentor support last season, however with our team rapidly increasing in size, that won’t really be sustainable going forwards. Despite our lack of support however, our team still managed to win several awards, culminating in us recieving the PNW District Rookie All-Star award, and competing at the Houston Championship.

Some of the benefits of mentoring our team include: Working with some of the brightest and most hardworking students in FRC, being part of a close-knit environment, and being able to meaningfully contribute to the team’s success.

If you’re interested or have any questions, feel free to DM me or post here.


Might I suggest emailing your local FIRST Senior Mentor?
Robert Steele:

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Last I heard he was out of office due to personal stuff, but I’ll definitely reach out again!


I’m interested, though my main area is software. Is there an e-mail I can use to reach out to your team? You can reach me at kevin [at] oastem [dot] org.

I’ve worked with these guys in the past - some really bright and asperational students. If you’re wondering whether or not to get involved, I’d recommend doing so for sure.