Team 7461 looking for teams willing to sell spare CANdle or Blinkin

Hope everyone’s having a great week 2! Are any teams willing to sell CTRE CANdle or REV Blinkin to 7461 Sushi Squad? We are willing to pay for shipping and above MSRP if needed. Please DM me if your team can help us out.




I’m not sure if I sent this earlier, sorry. I think I have a spare Blinkin and can check today. If I do, I’ll send it to you for the face value ($46) plus shipping. What’s your address?

Alternately, if you have a spare 5:1 Max Planetary cartridge, I’ll happily take that in a trade.

Hey there! On behalf of Team 5458, is the Blinkin still available for trade? Thanks for your time

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