Team 75, 2009 Pasta Dinner

look forward to seeing you there!


I would be there if…there were a THERE and a WHEN to be there…

Can you see the embedded image in the first post? If not, “there” is Hillsborough Municipal Building and “when” is March 7 from 4-8 PM.

Yes, because everybody on the internet knows where the “Hillsborough Municipal Building” is.

No, but if you know you are near New Jersey you could just ask for more information. But yeah maybe I will find a way to get there and hang out with you guys. You know, make fun of Amanda some.

Okay, really, I was just making fun of the fact that Roho posted an image that didn’t display…

Hey Roho, will you deliver about 20 plates to the NYC regional where my team will be that night at that time?? :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry I can’t make it this time, good luck with the fundraiser!
Oh, & feel free to drop by the NYC regional & visit us on Sunday during competition if you get a chance!