Team 7525 is looking for (remote) CAD training/mentors! Can your team help?

We’re in a bit of a pickle and I’m hoping CD has a solution.

Ask: remote CAD mentor or team willing to adopt 2 students for CAD training

Context: 7525 currently has two students who are learning CAD. We were 2 meetings into training, but unfortunately our CAD mentor had to abruptly step away due to personal reasons, and we’re looking for a replacement. They’ve been learning Inventor so far, but we’re not really in a place to be picky. Inventor or OnShape preferred! If you are a mentor-at-large or team and have the bandwidth to help out 7525, please DM me.

Thank you,
Bryce Hanson | Head Mentor
Team 7525, The Pioneers

P.S. we’re always looking for more mentors, so if you’re in middle Tennessee and want to play with robots come on by :cowboy_hat_face:



Have you checked this series out?


I actually just got recommended this about 20 minutes ago on Discord! Haven’t seen it before, and definitely am going to utilize it. Thanks Adam!


I’m not super great at inventor or Onshape, but if your kids ever have any robot design questions, I’m always happy to provide info, look over models, and provide feedback.

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If you move forward with using the series for CAD training, feel free to DM me with any questions.

If you need a little more personalized interaction I would be free to do an hour or two worth of calls to answer questions or give feedback or anything that you might need on the CAD front.


I 100% recommend Onshape. The cloud based architecture (for file sharing and version control) is reason enough to use it even if it was an inferior solution, which is ISN’T.

To be honest before I started using it I thought it was just a bandwagon but I was very wrong. Onshape’s workflow is extremely well suited for a project like an FTC or FRC robot. At least for me personally, Onshape saved me HOURS of CAD work last season compared to how long it would have taken in Inventor or Solidworks. That was also with <50hrs of Onshape experience and >5000hrs of Inventor and Solidworks each so I assume that could improve even further in future seasons.

I wouldn’t say that Onshape is suitable for a business in terms of features, but it’s getting there with each update. But for FRC, it’s perfect.

The original version of this CAD class was for 5413 in 2018 and it was actually for Inventor. I threw together a playlist of the project videos from that class if you decide to stick with the Inventor route:

Because of the format of that class (live in person) I don’t have any videos of the CAD training portion, only the projects. There are some recorded sessions on the Stellar Robotics youtube channel, but the audio is really bad so you can’t always hear it so I recommend against it.

Also fair warning, this was 2018 Orion who was probably an idiot. I haven’t watched these videos in a long time so I can’t vouch for the correctness of the information.


Hi there, just a suggestion but if you’re looking for easy-to-learn CAD software, I’d recommend either Onshape as you mentioned or Fusion 360 if you want to stick with Autodesk. We’ve used both and prefer Fusion 360. Feel free to message me if you want some remote help. I can help you personally or bring in team members as well. Cheers!

Hi there! Definitely would recommend Onshape since it’s web-based and relatively easy to pick up. I will warn you that you’ll want to have a good organization plan in place before build season, but now is a good time to iron that out. Onshape has lots of documentation and online trainings, and
Onshape4FRC is also a great place to look for Onshape resources.

If it’s helpful, here’s some trainings I did with my students last year. There’s things I’d change about them, especially regarding mates, but it seemed to be a good starting point for the kids. I can also send some of the original files for reference, if you’d like. Happy to answer questions over email too!


I have published all of my inventor class demonstration videos for both my high school and community college classes on our YouTube channel Bearbotics2358 feel free to take a look and message me with any questions.

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Hey Bryce

Always happy to help. Text me

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There was a post some time ago that was also asking for some resources/help for CAD knowledge here: Ketterings ri3d Onshape Design Method

I’m also open to help if need be as well, I’ve used Onshape for two years after Inventor and totally recommend Onshape.

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