Team 753 PWNS

ya thats right it works

That guy can take a shot of red-bull like a man.

On a more serious note. HOW does it work?

If I could guess, I would say that there a parts not pictured. As those 80/20 sticking off the top in front seem to have a unused purpose of holding something up.

Any Vids dude, congrats on getting a bot done before week 5.

Are those pieces of extrusion at the top within the bumper perimeter?

Looks great! Did anyone else think that this was an Overdrive bot when they looked at it?

Raises hand

When I saw the top pic it definitely looked like an Overdrive bot to me. The bottom pic makes it look a bit more like a Lunacy bot, but I still don’t get exactly how it works.

ya not done yet the top 80/20 extensions support wheels which launch the balls and we have of course a lexan enclosure which lets the balls ride the conveyor belt to the top and everything is indeed within the bumper perimeter i’ll post updated pics tomorrow.

We had problems with bands falling off of rollers in 2006 so watch out.