Team 753 short and wide mecanum over the bump

The title really says it all, here’s the video–8Pb5tb1c

Nice save at the 1:40 mark! Speed control and driver practice will be key to avoid an “end over”.

The ability to sit at the top of the hump and move laterally has the potential to be a great defensive advantage :cool:

yes they will, we are actually looking into putting an accelerometer on it to automatically transition us back onto the flat ground.

not to be mr. negative bot id be surprised if u don’t tip at least once during regionals.

You might look into lowering your CG. However that will affect your entire configuration it seems :ahh:

Until a traction bot slams into a strafing robot and flips it. Keep in mind that Mecanums are insanely maneuverable, but can be pushed around by almost any other drive system.

Especially tracks.

However the other team may risk the consequence of a penalty. . . IF the contact is outside of bumper perimeter.

Good point though

That’s where the fast eye comes in handy. :smiley: And hand…

Basically, as long as you can see that it is coming, it should be to much of a problem.

The CG will be significantly lower in the final bot, the electronics board is going to be at about the level of the bottom of the transmissions and there is a scoring mechanism going in as well. The electronics board was just put where it is to get our bot up and running so we can get some practice driving it.

Who can figure out what the plywood came from?

I’m a little concerned by a couple of the hops your electronics rig took. I’d recommend restraining the battery a bit more, and giving the delicate parts on the cRIO some overhead protection in the event your driver or software doesn’t pull off the save next time. :eek: I realize you’re testing, but nothing on that board is a cheap replacement. If you roll the robot and weight ends up on, for example, the analog breakout, it will bend and/or break.

The bumper zone does not apply when on the bump.

Ah, but as long as a defender is causing a team to focus on anything other than scoring, their job is successful.

Besides, all it takes is one solid push to tip a robot on the ramp over.


Do you guys happen to have any footage of the bot driving around in the open? I always love seeing Mecanums systems drive, as they’re always so fluid looking when they translate around.

As you may have noticed, we did have people running back and forth to help keep the bot from tipping. We actually did tip the bot during this testing (the spotters weren’t paying enough attention), but luckily the only damage was one of the screws on the D-sub connector got bent. We are done testing over the bump until everything is in its final place.

sorry, i don’t have any good footage of it running around in the open.

Looks like the robot almost flipped because it was put into reverse when the back end was up in the air.

We’ll see how the tracks vs mecanum ends up Feb. 20th. I’m looking forward to seeing that little creation you’ve had a hand in. Until then, I like what 753 has been gracious enough to post (minus the near tip).

Really guy? You want people reading posts like this and determining what they think of you?

actually i was thinking the same thing. you don’t think that kind of thing will happen?

Of course it will happen, but there is a difference between good hard defense and purposely rolling another robot.

I expect to see the bumps vigorously defended, and I expect to see some robots roll when that happends, but I do not expect to see teams purposely 'slam’ing another robot intentionally rolling it.

… we’ll see how tight it’s called by the refs.