Team 75's 2003 Animation Entry


Just thought we’d share our animation. We’ve been submitted in the Northeastern conference.

We tryed hard to stick with the animation criteria. That is, showing what FIRST means, rather than showcasing our robot, which seems to be pretty far off the mark, as far as meetin criteria goes… (right click, save as)

its just over 30 megs.

If you like what you see, please vote for us at your regional!

Any feedback appreciated.


I’ve seen alot of animatons this year, and yours blows them all away. The animatoin itself is great, the music is perfect, and its got a very proffesional apple commercial feel to it…great job

I loved your animation!:smiley: One of the best for quality and THE most fun to watch, and probably the most cohesive story. (At 30 megs, I’m waiting ‘till I’m at school to download it, tho’…;))

My only real complaint is a technical one: the guy’s elbows intersected his torso. Also, apart from the face he was kinda pointy, especially around the shoulders.

BTW, did you guys use Shag:Hair? We used that plugin, and I felt kinda uneasy about it until I saw someone else had used a hair plugin too. Heh heh.

But anyway, you guys did an awesome job. :cool:

Very nice.


Thanks! If anyone is having trouble playing the 30meg mpg, there is an 80meg avi here:

I watched this in my CAD class today at school, and I must say that’s it’s one of the coolest ideas and animations I’ve seen so far. Right when that music started playing I knew that you were going for an Apple commercial type theme and it worked out great! :slight_smile:

thanks for the comments, and best of luck to other team’s animations.

Woa that’s one cool idea! I like the voice of the guy, good job!