Team 7677 Rookie Robot: Daryl

Here we have Daryl, the first Bodacious Bulldog’s Robot! This first year has been a struggle and a triumph. Through the many snow days my small team has encountered, we were able to finished building with a couple days to spare for drive practice! See you at the Great Northern Regional in Grand Forks!!


Nice job Swanville! Looks awesome - good luck at GNR!

Great Job! I would love to see some video from your matches. We’re in DFW!

Very clean and sleek! Good Job, and Good Luck!

Nice looking bot for a rookie team! I’m curious and how the name came to be Daryl?

That’s a very nice design. Best of luck at your events!

Really like this KISS design. Do you have any video? Good luck at competitions!

It was named Daryl after a character off the Walking Dead. The Daryl, in the show, carried around a crossbow. One of the freshman on the team noticed this and the name kind of stuck!

Here is the only video I have of Daryl in action. It was with two freshman drivers just having fun. They are not actually on the drive team so our cycling time will be much faster.
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The Bodacious Bulldogs had a great first year at the Great Northern Regional! We ranked 16 of 52 at the end qualification matches with a record of 7-2-1, but were not picked for an alliance. Regardless, we had a great and memorable year and won the Highest Rookie Seed Award!

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