team 768?

768 Johns Hopkins University/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Fred Needel Inc & Woodlawn High School

Looking for people from this team or how to find who is in charge. I am a student at hopkins and want to help out but cant find anything about the team. Thanks

The main contact chose not to have their contact info posted on the team info system so no luck there.

Ask around at your school’s office? Maybe science department or technical area.

Lenny, did you try contacting this person?

Bryon Wood

The information if from BuzzU, and I don’t know if you’d checked there yet. Otherwise, if JHU has an engineering department or something like that, wander in and ask around. . .also, check with your department of student activities, as they should have a list of all of the active clubs.

Seeing as that team was started very late into registration, it may just be that things haven’t been really organized well yet.

I’m from Team 768, so if you need to ask us something or tell us anything (like suggestions, complements, criticism, etc.), please contact me via PM.
Peace! :cool: