Team 78 AIR Strike Official Teaser. Climbing Included! and


Digging the ediT.

Also, that hanging mechanism is Awesome.

pretty sweet, but the hanging mechanism is epic! thats pretty much what i had in mind to do for hanging

Looks sick–hope to see this one in Atlanta!

Epic hanging arm.

Simple and effective. I love it. Just… love it.
I won’t lie, your design is making me question aspects of my own!

I’m calling a “Driving Tomorrow’s Technology” award at the Championship for the hanging mechanism…


That hanging is schweet and I love the vacuum ball control. Didn’t expect to see that on top notch robots.

I’m really looking forward to seeing it in action at BAE! :slight_smile:

Beuatifully simple. Nice job.

Great job, looks awesome. How well is your battery handling all that power from the vacuum?

Once again, the gang from Rhode Island has blown me away with a simple and elegant design. This robot looks like it’s going be a huge star on the breakaway field. Very impressive.

The battery holds up fine. We can “dribble” and shoot for five minutes without noticing any performance drop.

See everyone at the GSR and the Championship!

We learned quite a bit about radial impellers/blowers in the last week or so. If you get an impeller that is properly sized and tuned for the RPM you run it at it can be pretty nice on power consumption.

Our initial prototype drew over 40 amps from the FP running it direct…a few impellers later it draws 7 amps without a ball in possesion and 3.5 amps with a ball in possesion (running off of 1 FP motor). I think that is on par with most rotary ball posession devices.

We still have a TON to get done before our practice with the folks up in Quincy on Saturday. Hopefully we can pull off a fully functional machine by then!

Good luck everyone!


It’s official. I just had my first “Wow! That’s so cool! I wish I thought of that!” for 2010. Congrats, AIR Strike, on building the coolest hanging mechanism ever.

Awesome solution for elevating, but then again would you expect anything less out of the RI crew? I wanted so badly to find a way to do something on the vert(s), but we just didn’t get that figured out. Small and effective machine. Can’t wait to see video of this puppy in action.

Looking really good guys I can’t wait to see her in action. I wish I could go to to NH this year and see you compete.

Looks great guys!! Can’t wait to see it in Manchester… Good Luck This year!!!

Simplicity at its best.

The idea for your hanging system is ingenious along with the fact that your vacuum posssessing system works very efficiently (according to the claims of your performance for 5 minutes).

I also love your kicking mech; nice little hammer :stuck_out_tongue:

See you in GSR.

Cool lifter, I was hoping to see one like that pop up somewhere! If your driver is good enough at lining it up you could have one of the fastest hanging robots out there.

In my humble opinion, 78’s real strength has always been their drive crew. Even if a fork truck landed on their crate and they fielded a box-on-wheels-8-hour-miracle they’d find their way into the finals. :ahh: