Team 78: American Robot is Back!! Episode Three!

Hello everyone,

Here’s the third installment of American Robot. Watch this week as get to driving our chassis, continue prototyping dribbling devices and worked more with an idea for hanging during the endgame.

Episode Three.

Here are the links to the first two episodes of this season.

Episode One. and Episode Two.


This is a private video

fixed, thanks:p

I really like that you guys tried inline racing / scooter wheels. I wanted to play with them this prototype season, but I left all my skate stuff at home this year. Inline wheels are generally softer than skate wheels, which trades traction for tread wear. But seeing as it’s been several weeks since you filmed, I’m sure you’ve found that all out.

Since then we’ve actually tried a few different types of wheels, in my opinion the standard 3" Tetrix FTC Wheels here had the best grip on the ball of everything we’ve tested.

Interesting hanging mechanism. And the return of the sumo dude!:smiley:

That initial roller prototype you guys used (the tapered one) looks incredible. What material did you use to create such a device? (the material that actually touches the ball, I mean)

those are Colson-brand rubber wheels of initial varying diameters. one of our machinists tapered them down to form those cones. didn’t quite work out the way we thought they would! we have a few new ideas up our sleeves. :wink: