Team 7's New Website

Team 7’s web designers have been hard at work the past five weeks, working on a brand new design to the website. We’ve included flash elements and some scripts to enhance compatibility and speed. Check it out here. The site is currently optimized for 800x600 resolution, but will soon be optimized for for 800x600 and 1024x768. Check it out please and post your comments.

Well, I personally hate splash pages, but sure whatever. It looked fairly attractive.

I also hate flash, and noticed that your site doesn’t work without it. But its your site, blah blah blah.

I like the flash menu, no startup, it works and works quickly. Very much a plus. I had a tad of difficulty reading the link text… perhaps bump up the brightness.

Also, compared to the color everywhere else, the main content is suprisingly… monotone. Maybe bring some of that blue in.

I’d be careful with that black on blue though, it gets a tad hard to read.

I’d say it’s a cool design…but I agree with the last, it gets a bit hard to read after a bit…
Also, the choice of font, although cool at first, gets VERY hard to read and gets old quickly.
However, overall pretty nice site. I have yet a lot to learn for our page…

Aaron Knight
Webmaster, team 891
(Temp. MIRROR:

You guys did a good job with the site. you still have a little work to do, because the page content is just a little plain, but with some nice graphics, and maybey a few tables, you’ll be in shape. Overall, nice job. Tony’s rating: 2 thumbs up