Team 8 Looking for Mentors

Team 8 is looking for mentors to join our team! Our mentor base is pretty small, and we’d love to expand it in the upcoming year.

About us

Paly Robotics was founded in 1996 and has been participating in FIRST for over 20 years. We are affiliated with Palo Alto High School, right in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our team consists of roughly 80 students, spanning five subteams: Build, Design, Software, Business and Art.

The team’s performance has become much stronger in recent years. In 2016, we competed in the Curie Division at Championships. In 2017, we were quarterfinalists at Ventura, finalists at SVR, and semifinalists in the Roebling division at the Houston Half-Championships. This past year, we were 6th alliance captains at AZN and semifinalists at SVR.

Our website can be found at You can also find our 2016-2017 year in review video here (2017-2018 video in the works!).

Some of the cool things we do

[li]Complex mechanisms including elevators, arm linkages, and flywheel shooters[/li][li]Laser-cut and 3D printed prototyping[/li][li]Comprehensive robot design with Solidworks[/li][li]CNC machining with a Tormach PCNC mill and Laguna Swift router, in-house TIG welding[/li][li]Reusable Java code structure and modular autonomous modes[/li][li]Adaptive pure pursuit drive controller, Nexus based vision processing[/li][li]Sponsorships from several Bay Area tech corporations[/li][li]3D animation using Autodesk Maya and graphic design using Adobe Creative Cloud products[/li][li]Data-driven, app-based scouting and strategy[/li][li]Annual summer camp for 100+ middle schoolers[/li][li]Countless demos at local schools and events[/li][/ul]
What we are looking for

Team 8 is looking to expand our technical knowledge in all of the areas listed above. We are especially looking for mentors to help out with:

[li]Efficient prototyping to drive final design[/li][li]Integrated mechanisms and advanced CAD techniques such as FEA[/li][li]Field-relative positioning through non-linear state estimation (sensor and vision based localization)[/li][li]Control algorithms beyond PID and PIDF mo-pros[/li][li]Fundraising and sponsorships[/li][li]Animation using Autodesk Maya + After Effects/Premiere and digital graphic design using Adobe Creative Cloud products[/li][li]Effective project management, task tracking and scheduling during build season[/li][/ul]
Because of the fast-paced nature of FRC, especially build season, it would be great for mentors to be comfortable communicating with students regularly through Slack in addition to periodic presence during lab days.

A few perks of being part of Paly Robotics

[li]Some of the most driven and curious students out there[/li][li]Tight and well-connected community with a positive team culture and desire to face challenges head on[/li][li]Access to a variety of resources for teaching students including well-equipped facilities and funding[/li][li]Strong performance at competitions and perhaps a few Championships trips[/li][li]Right across the street from Stanford University[/li][li]Great weather—no snow, no ice, temperature always above 32F[/li][/ul]
If you are interested, shoot me an email at Also happy to answer questions below, and feel free to pass this on to friends and co-workers.