Team 8 | Paly Robotics | Utah Regional Recap 2020

Team 8 would like to share our Utah Regional Recap!


Wow. You guys are amazing. This is an amazing video made of an amazing robot at an amazing regional by an amazing team.

It was sometime Friday evening when one of our scouts surprised me with the fact that you guys hadn’t won a banner since 2006. I genuinely thought he was kidding. “Paly? Really? Like, 8? Are you sure we’re talking about the same team?”

Flash forward twenty-four hours, six elims matches, a lot of green hair dye… and you had done it.

Congratulations. You guys are amazing on and off the field-- whether it be lending us the same allen key five or six times, countless excellent conversations over lunch, or carrying our alliance’s offense in finals after a jam. I’m so glad I got to meet you guys, and that I got to see your wonderful robot in action.

If you come back to Utah sometime, or ever decide to head a bit further east to Colorado… it would be great to see you on the field again.


Congrats on the win! You guys have a great robot, and I’m glad to see you broke the banner drought! :slight_smile: