Team 8 Presents: Eir

Team 8 is ecstatic to reveal our 2023 robot, Eir!

  • Four SDS MK4i swerve modules powered by Falcon 500s with a theoretical top speed of 16.3 ft/sec; 26.5" x 26.5" frame perimeter
  • Two-roller intake on a chain and sprocket pivot for grabbing cones and cubes from ground and substation in any orientation
  • Double-jointed arm with pneumatic cylinder actuated bottom pivot and motor driven top pivot powered by 2x NEOs at a 182.25:1 overall reduction
  • Uses two Limelight 3s to align to the vision tape by combining the yaw measurements of each Limelight for more accuracy
  • Accounts for the force of gravity as arm moves by recalculating the center of mass based on the rotation of the intake while using procedurally generated trajectories to move and optimally timing the extension/retraction of the large base pneumatic cylinders to reduce tipping
  • LED animations to indicate whether going to position for intaking/scoring cones vs. cubes as well as communicate with the human player what game piece to put in

We are looking forward to competing at Idaho Regional.


:fire: :fire: :fire: #ArmGang


#ArmGang !!!

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