Team 8 Presents: Forseti

Team 8 is proud to present our 2018 robot: Forseti!

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  • Custom drive gearboxes for 8 wheel west coast drive
  • Touch-it-own-it ground intake powered by 2x 775pro: Pneumatics for open/close and up/down + 4in compliant wheels
  • 3-Stage cascading elevator powered by 2x 775pro - 1.5s bottom to top
  • Independent arm for climbing the side of the rung (not shown)
  • Switch or scale autonomous paths, either side

Team 8 is excited to compete at the Arizona North Regional and the Silicon Valley Regional.

Hey that’s a cool robot!

Shoutout to our filmmakers—they battled build team, software team and drive team for a chance to get good footage for this video. But looking back, we are all glad it was made.