Team 8 Presents: Nari

  • 6x Andymark Hi-grip wheel west coast drive powered by 4x Falcon 500s. Theoretical top speed of 13.5 ft/sec.
  • 5 ball linear indexer with “V” configured belts for internal ball singulating
  • Virtual 4-bar intake utilizes stationary sprocket and chain system to fold inwards when stowed or impacted
  • Uses a pneumatically adjusted hood with 3 positions and 2x NEO motors to consistently shoot power cells from anywhere between the front of the control panel and the target zone-
  • Telescoping climber enables sub 5 sec. climb when the switch is tipped or stationary
  • Limelight provides the distance to the target, enabling our shooter to determine an appropriate target flywheel velocity
  • LED animations enable better driver and operator synchronization used to indicate bot alignment, climber lock, power cell pickup, ball launches and more.

We are looking forward to competing at Monterey Bay Regional and the World Championship in Houston after qualifying last week. Reveal video will come out soon, so stay tuned!


Very nice robot and a great win today!!! We missed you in Grand Forks!!! Well done!!!


My team already had good memories of your team from Houston 2017. It was a real joy for me to see you again and for my new students to get a chance to know you guys a bit. Your robot was terrific and your win was well deserved. Good luck in your preparation for Champs!


You guys were great in Utah! It was a pleasure playing with y’all. Just curious - what gear ratio do you have on your shooter?

Thanks! It was great playing with you guys!
Our flywheel uses 2x NEOS geared up 1 : 1.3, which gives us a max flywheel RPM of ~4500. The flywheel motor is also connected to two sets of smaller 2" wheels, which bring the balls up to the main flywheel and accelerate the ball in the process. It is also noteworthy to mention that our hood wraps around ~105 degrees of our flywheel when our hood is fully extended, transferring more inertia to our balls. It’s not ideal for streaming, but our shots sure go where we want them to.

Congrats on the regional victory. Great robot, and well-deserved. Enjoyed sharing the field with you!!


Congrats on the victory! Looking forward to seeing yall play in Houston.


Like many other teams in our area, our school district has cancelled all field trips to events with over 100 attendees for the remainder of the school year, which means that our season has come to an early close.

We feel lucky to have been able to play in one competition and are looking forward to the offseason and 2021.


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