Team 801 Website: Suggestions?

Hey All,

Please post or email me any suggestions to add to the current website. Also please let me know what you think of it.

Bob Augustine
Webmaster Team 801
[email protected]

could you provide a link to the website?

The little particles around the cursor are cool . . .

for about 30 seconds, and then they are really annoying, maybe instead of deleting them entirely, you could come up with a cookie so that if the person hits a “turn off particles” button, they will go away.

It looks good. I like the little robots at the top. I would sugest putting a small drop shaddow under the navigation to soften it a little bit. overall I think it looks pretty good

Here’s a small suggestion:

Save all the images you use as part of the template (like all that metally stuff) as a .png in your image editing software from the original copy. .png supports alpha layers, which means that instead of getting those jagged edges a .gif leaves you with, you will get nice smooth transparency around the curves.

Oh yea, Internet Explorer doesn’t support alpha layers, so the improvement will only be noticeable in standards compliant browsers like Firefox. :rolleyes:

It is good except for a few things…
One - “Forums” is on the front page twice… once on the top and once on the left.
Two - The left bar may be too big.
Three - The moving cursor is a little distracting.

Other than that is it good.