Team 8033 Highlander Robotics 2021 Robot Reveal

Because of Covid, we were given a second chance at Infinite recharge. We worked in small groups throughout the season to make an upgraded version of our robot from last year.

Team 8033 Highlander Robotics is proud to present Whirlpool.

Here is our robot reveal video:

Here is a playlist of our IR@H challenges:


That climber is really out of the box and I love it! What did you guys run inside the cable carrier if you don’t mind sharing?


Can you share a bit more about your team? Do you guys stem from another FRC team?

Even your 2020 bot was really impressive for a new team. This 2021 bot is very cool.

I too would like to see more about how you’re driving that climber! Love it.


Very nice robot! That climber extension reminds me of old school RAGE (FRC173) robot arm design.

Andy B.


Our community recently had an FTC boom, and after a bunch of teams started popping out we decided to start an FRC team. In Norcal we were super grateful to have a bunch of super supportive local teams, that helped us get started. 5419, 7419, 5026 ,649, and 841 all have us tours of their shop and helped us get the materials we needed in the offseason, so we could start messing around with a kit chassis. We also attended Spartan series in person in October 2019, which was a huge help! We spent a lot of time getting our team up to speed on CAD, specifically Solidworks, and using it to make parts on our CNC, was a lot of fun. Thank you so much, and hopefully this answers your question.


Great job with this robot, it is incredibly impressive. I’m excited to see how y’all do at off-season events and next season


The white band in the cable track is elastic! We used it to help with the roll-up of the cable track when retracting and to help prevent the cable track from bending too much in the wrong direction. (We got the cable track off of amazon so there’s a bit of slop in the links.) We drive the cable track by that green compliant wheel off of a BAG motor, and the magic happens in software where they coordinated the winch and the cable track motors so everything is tensioned properly. (The cable track is supporting itself essentially, nothing driven inside of it, just the winch paracord preventing it from collpasing the other way.) Hopefully this helps!


Is the same motor that runs up the hook also the winch motor?

We have two motors on the climber, a BAG that raises the cabletrack which is carrying the hook, and a CIM that controls the paracord, which we we use both to winch up the robot and to control the extension of the cable track. The paracord keeps the cabletrack bent in a slight bow so it doesn’t try to fall over in the other direction