Team 8033 Highlander Robotics 2022 Robot Reveal & Chezy Champs Application

Our reveal is a little late, but we are exited to present our Third Robot! Our team was really pumped up after attending Chezy Champs in the fall and decided to go big, but kinda small, with our 2022 robot. 2022 was our first season competing and we had an awesome time. At Sacramento, we ranked 5th and captained the third alliance, losing in the semifinals. Thank you so much to 2551 and 751 for joining our alliance! At Sacramento we ended up getting the Engineering Inspiration Award and qualified for Champs. At Silicon Valley we ranked 11th. Thank you 4255 for picking us and 840 for playing some awesome defense! We were also super exited to have Alex Ware receive the FIRST Dean’s List Finalist Award. The team had an incredible time at Champs. We made an awesome run with 2468, 2056, and 4611, and thank you so much for such an awesome time at champs! We hope to see you at an offseason event in the fall. Sadly, the tape measure climber will probably not make it :frowning:.

With that, Highlander Robotics would like to present Selkie!

Here is our Robot Reveal Video & Chezy Champs Application:

Here is our technical one pager:

Competition One-pager-final.pdf (978.7 KB)