Team 8096 Cache Money Seeking Mentors

Team 8096 is looking for experienced mentors to join our growing team to support all aspects of the team.

The team is through the University of Chicago Lab School in the hyde park neighborhood of Chicago. The team started in 2020, so 2022 was the team’s first full season with 2020 being shortened and 2021 being remote. The team is full of students with a ton of interest, excitement, and energy to make the team better. We currently have around 20 students, only one of which is a senior.

This past summer, myself and a few other FRC alumni and veteran mentors joined the team together. We have been working over the past 8 months to build up core skills with the students and begin to create a more sustainable team structure and a strong foundation to build upon. We worked on core skill development this past fall by building an offseason robot for the 2022 game, and have continued that throughout the 2023 season with this year’s robot.

The team is poised for more student growth and potential increased support from the school, so more mentors will be needed to be able to provide individual attention to students and to fill gaps that the current mentor group does not fill.

While we could use help in all areas, the most pressing that the team needs assistance with is:

  • Mechanical Design
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing/shop management
  • Electrical/Pneumatics
  • Fundraising/Grants/Sponsorships

We currently work out of the school, which provides access to multiple makerspaces that include laser cutters, a router, a benchtop lathe, various wood tools, etc. We are looking at moving into a larger build space within the school. We also work with the other FRC teams that are part of CRA (Chicago Robotics Alliance) to share a practice field space at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance in McKinley Park.

If you have interest in working with a growing team looking to improve it’s students experience and the team’s success, please reach out to myself via DM on CD or directly through email at: