Team 8114 Invites you to join us in our first offseason "Mock Game"

Hi! Team 8114 finished our rookie season(a little bit earlier than planned of course) and decided to put together a custom “game” in the style of previous FRC games, and we would like to invite you to play along with us. Teams are encouraged to have discussions as if the game was a real game, and design the CAD for a robot as if you would be competing with it. The game is called “Stacking Shootout”
Field CAD and Manual are linked below


And of course, if you notice anything we missed, or have any questions, please respond so the manual can be updated

so is this a CAD competition

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Pretty much my thought

Yes, although technically not a competition since you don’t compete. It’s more just a design and CAD practice so that teams can have those week 1 conversations on strategy and then designing to that strategy. Obviously you can’t prototype very well or build the real robot, it’s just for fun.

Whoever designs robots for this challenge, please post pictures. I would love to see how people decide to handle football shooting.

Ah but why leave it at that. We can have programmers program a mock bot xD. I’ll be down for sure!

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I’ve been hoping for a football game every year. It’s a unique design challenge.


Post pics of your design when it’s finished! I’m excited to see what people come up with.

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I’d like to present my design, J.U.G.S! And it’s swerve too!