Team 816's 2009 Robot Anomaly V8.0 "The Shumper"

Here’s our 2009 Robot, Anomaly Version 8, in all of it’s glory.

The robot was designed to be as simple as possible. We tried to keep separate systems to a minimum in an attempt to make a reliable design. We also felt that ball capacity was important as well as offload speed rather than the effective range of the scoring device.

9fps top speed
21 Ball Capacity
1 Foot Maximum Range
Dumps 10 balls in ~1sec
Can Load Directly From any Payload Specialist
Can “Grab” a single ball reliably (Super Cell or Empty Cell)


And because this is the question asked the most, the belt can be found at McMasterCarr P/N 6173K37

I Have to Thank Akash Rastogi from Team 11, Craig Hickman from Team 1595, RC from Team 1323, and Brian from Team 103 for their Design Advice Throughout the Season.

See You in Jersey, Philly and Atlanta!

Your bot rocks man, gotta see you guys at nationals.

That looks like a very organized and well thought out robot! I can’t believe how clean it looks…Unless you photoshopped it… :stuck_out_tongue: I wish you the best of luck!

Haha thanks! No Photoshopping for us! If you’re still in doubt look at the top and bottom rollers, don’t you think we would’ve fixed the paint? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

She sure is pretty… any secrets in taking care of what I assume is some sort of polycarbonate?

(Ours is currently coated in alu cutting fluid and sharpie marker… :’( )

21 balls seems like a lot for that. And can you pick up balls without dumping them out the top, because it seems like you wouldn’t be able to which would be a hindrance?

[sarcasm]Looks ok. Works ok. Meh. [/sarcasm]

Looks very nice!
Thank you for all your help throughout the season Dustin

cough ahem cough:rolleyes:

Stogi, noone likes you thats an understood here dont do the whole cough thing ^_^.

Thanks! The biggest trick we have for keeping polycarbonate clean is to use dry erase markers to mark it. We try not to ever use sharpie if we can get around it. But to clean it we use a bit of WD-40 and some elbow grease.

21 balls is actually the max safe capacity we can hold 3-4 more but then we gamble with jamming our system. And yes we can pick up balls without them falling out of the top. The upper most roller spins in reverse to stage balls and then spins outwards to “shoot” them. Here’s a pic of what the bot’ll look like fully loaded.

Meh Hater… J/L thanks for all your help bro!

Anytime! It’s what I do :smiley:

Great looking bot, guys!

See you at Philly, unless you are coming to DC.

No DC for us, We’ll be competing in NJ that weekend.