Team 818 2008 HD Videos (First FIRST HD Videos???)

We had a great 2008 season, and we just wanted to show how our robot performed this year. Links are posted below to the individual Regionals and Matches. They will be posted over time as re-rendering the HD-video is taking a while.

Detroit Regional:

Day 1:
This Video includes all of our practice matches which includes footage of our robot doing so “unconventional” maneuvers, of Team 217 (and Paul Copioli fixing 217’s surgical tubing that we accidentally broke), Team 245, Team 1, and other teams that were with or against us on practice day.

Google Video:

Compressed HD (WMV HD) and Full HD:
I’m trying to see if our team has the storage space on our server, but if anyone knows where it can be hosted (Compressed~700MB, Full~7GB), than please pm me with this info.

Day 2:

Match 3

Compressed HD:

Full HD:
Viewable in WM11

Other Matches:
Coming Soon

Day 3:
Sorry, it was just too hard to capture this video with all the people there, although some other team members may have this video, than I will post those here as well.

St Louis Regional:

For these match videos, check out

I will try to get all these videos up on Google Video soon, but it may take a while.

Tomasz Bania

Wow! FIRST in HD! Great!

I remember seeing HD written on a lot of the camera gear at Midwest and wondering if anyone would be posting on any HD video hosting websites like Crackle.

I hope that at least some of the HD video survives from these events.

Thanks for recording!


You can probably get away with a bit more aggressive compression settings. Microsoft has a bunch of HD videos on their site that were compressed with WMV-HD, and they are all about 100mb for 2 minutes.

A 25gb blu-ray disc can contain 4.5 hours of 1920x1080 video (source), which is 92mb/minute.

Is there supposed to be sound in these clips?

Do these have scores on them? The video crew at Detroit worked all day Thursday trying to get the video working so there really wasn’t anything to record. On Friday, when I went to setup our video camera, there was a VCR recording matches, was that you guys?

I got sound for the compressed HD one.

Our team may be shooting in HD at the Championship. So watch for that.

The cameras may be HD, but you need all the hardware after that to show the HD (HD Projector,etc)

I would post it on Crackle, but unfortunately, Crackle Doesn’t support the AVCHD HD format.

To Clarify the specs for the original HD Recording:

Video Bitrate:15 Megabits per second (approx. 2.5 Megabytes per second)
Audio Format: Dolby Digital 5.1
Audio Bitrate: 444kbps+ at 48kHz

I have found how to render to AVCHD so I will try to render them in the original format.

Yes, all of these clips have sound, you may have to use another video player like VLC, or your computer may not be able to handle such high-quality output.

I will try rendering in the original AVCHD for the “Full HD” video, but I can’t render WMV-HD in Sony Vegas (the software i’m using to edit and render), So I render WMV with a High Bitrate (less taxing on a computer, and also not “true HD”, but hard to notice the difference unless you are using a 30"+ screen.

EDIT: Found a way to render WMV-HD, will post when available.

If you can think of a comparable format renderable in Sony Vegas than post it here.

The scores are displayed at the beginning of the video. And we we’re using our own HD cam to film the matches (the cameras they had at the regional were not HD, nor do I think the other hardware they have is “HD-Ready”. I’m not sure what team had the VCR there, but do you know if you need any special cables to plug in to their stream (for Future Reference)?

Can’t wait to see it!

Also, is there any way I can edit the Original Post?