Team 836 "The RoboBees" Library Update

The RoboBees have developed some libraries in Java. There are two libraries in use, one is generic Java and not specific to any robotics platform, and the other is FRC-specific, using WPI and CTRE Phoenix. These libraries are being developed under the growingSTEMS banner, as the generic one is in use by multiple teams that growingSTEMS supports.

The growingSTEMS Gitlab group is here: growingSTEMS · GitLab

The generic library is here: growingSTEMS / gstems-common · GitLab
Documentation: gstems-common in-dev API
Maven info: Normal Usage · Wiki · growingSTEMS / gstems-common · GitLab

The FRC-specific library is here: growingSTEMS / FRC 836 The RoboBees / gstems-frc-common · GitLab
Documentation: Overview (gstems-frc-common in-dev API)
Maven Info: Normal Usage · Wiki · growingSTEMS / FRC 836 The RoboBees / gstems-frc-common · GitLab
(Note that gstems-frc-common depends on gstems-common as an ‘api’ dependency)

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