Team 842 Competing in the Pete Conrad Spirit of Innovation Awards

Team 842 is competing in the Pete Conrad Spirit of Innovation Awards. We will be traveling to the Ames Research center in three weeks to compete against other high school teams. We will have to present our idea of an EVROV to a panel of judges. Though the judges are not the only ones that have an opinion on who should win, you can vote for us. Online public voting starts March 29 – April 9th. Please support your fellow FIRST team.

Team Profile -

P.S - the “EVROV” hyperlink is a video

Thank you,

Awesome job on the video John!

Site tells me:
* This is a private team. You will have to be a member of this team to be able to view the team’s content.

Falcon Robotics project EVROV

Getting set for the Houston aquatic training pool? Not that there is any apparent shortage of ideas in your group, but an autonomous space/orbital garbage collector has been necessary ever since homo sapiens has extended our littering tendencies to the tropopause and beyond.

Best of luck in your pursuits. I’ve bookmarked the page. How many times can we vote? :wink:

The website will be ready for voting starting monday. Please check back then. Thansk for your support!

Please vote for us, the voting starts Monday!

You’ve got our votes, Fredi! Looking to seeing you guys later this week, and thanks for the hospitality the other weekend. Things are more settled with our bot so I look forward to a more extended chat with you guys this time around!

Here is the link for voting
it is now open! Thanks to anyone voting for us!

Links to your team (along with other entries) on the blog for the USA Science and Engineering Festival

I heard thru the grapevine that the Falcons won!

Too cool for words.