Team 842 Falcon Robotics 2012 Robot: Angelica's DREAM!

Team 842 is proud to reveal our 2012 unveil video:

This year team 842 decided to build a very offensive fender robot specialist. We decided to go for this strategy because 1 we felt that at a competitive regional or division the key would end up being packed with robots trying to shoot from it and 2 because we wanted supreme accuracy without the need of a camera. So far it has worked out pretty nicely.


  • Drivetrain: 6WD powered by Gates Belts and Pulleys
  • Ram: Uses a 4 bar linkage system to direct impact of bridge to the robot rather than the pneumatic pistons. Ram enables us to simply drive through the bridge instead of having to take it down and then drive on.
  • Brakes: A pneumatic piston mounted on each side of the robot on the drivetrain. Works by simply shooting the pistons into the wheels. This is used for bridge balancing assist. Also allows us to take the space of a wide robot by hanging off the edge of the bridge.
  • Harvester and Conveyor Belt: Harvester drops down in order to extend our ball intake system. Once inside our robot perimeter our conveyor belt system of belts and pulleys take the balls up. Our conveyor belt can pick up balls when the harvester is not dropped down.
  • Hopper and Shooter: Hopper is simply a door with a pneumatic piston. The door opens while collecting balls effectively releasing tension from the belt conveyor belt system. When ready to fire we turn on our shooter wheels that are powered by 2 fisher price motors and close our hopper to initiate the fire.

The robot in the video and the picture is actually our practice robot Forbes(named after a family most associated with the NERDS 1726 for their indispensable help and services they provide to our team). Our competition robot Angelica’sDREAM(Former vice President and valedictorian of the college of engineering at ASU) will be competing at the Arizona Regional as well as the World Championships at St Louis.

Team 842 would like to wish good luck for all teams competing this year!

I’ve seen teams with indexing mechanisms for consistent feeding into their shooter, but I’ve got to admit, in the beginning of the video I was wondering, is there intake polycarb broken? What’s with it so far out? And then I saw the video of it shooting for the first time. Very innovative, that is a really nice solution. Good luck this season!

Your moveable backstop seems to work much better than ours. Congrats on that and the entire robot in general.

Gee, red alliance on the blue bridge?!? Better be a great shooter to make up for the foul! :smiley:

Looks great as always. C U St. Louis?

It looks great guys! Good luck this year! :slight_smile:

Great Job with the video John!

I really like your auto 3… you just gave your alliance partner 5 balls in autonomous? That’s crazy!

You bet baby! That’s how we roll!