Team 842 grad from ASU in front Obama!

Here is a video clip of Oscar Vazquez, a former member of Team 842 and mentor to the team. He is seen here graduating from ASU in front of President Obama last year. He turned himself in after graduating from ASU with a BA in mechanical Engineering. His appeal to stay with his wife and child who are U.S. citizens was denied and he was deported. He now works in Mexico for a small engineering firm and his wife and daughter visit him once a month. We are proud of Oscar on team 842.

Despite all the odds he made it through the education system!

That is one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen.

Thank you very much for sharing.

I’m inspired.

My two cents: People this determined and hardworking are not people we should be throwing out of the country, they should be helping us save it.

It’s video like this that makes me proud to be in FIRST. Although we alone cannot change the foundation of America, at the end of the day, we know we’re making a difference. Oscar knew this, and for that he’s one of the most patriotic Americans out there.

This is proof that we’re making a difference. Best of luck, Mr. Vazquez. No matter where on this planet you end up, your team, and this community, will not forget the impact you’ve made. Your grandmother would not be prouder.

I wish more people thought like you…

he was brought here when he was very young, he did not have a choice…

CNN posted a story today regarding Oscar’s situation:

I hope he’s successful in achieving legal immigrant status soon. Unfortunately, the wheels turn very slowly at INS and there are obstacles that can derail the process.

I found many of the public comments to the story insensitive and uninformed. I hope these comments don’t represent the general public sentiment…

We’ve got a family friend in a similar situation. After “self-deporting” two years ago he still hasn’t had luck in coming back. His wife has since been downsized from her teaching position and is struggling to get by with their two daughters. Hardships indeed.

Just read through the cnn article and several of the comments on there as well…all I can say is I cannot believe some people, absolutely ruthless.

Oscar should hold his head high, as he is doing the right thing as hard is it may be.

Good luck Oscar!


I find Oscar’s story both inspiring and saddening. I find it saddening because someone who seems to be such a model citizen is forced to leave his family due to something out of his control.

Those public comments from the CNN article were appalling. It makes me sad to see people be so cruel, racist, and ignorant:mad: . I get so angry when people use patriotism as a cover for racism. In my opinion America would be a better place if we had more people as hardworking and determined as Oscar, he is the real patriot.