Team 842 Launches

Here team 842 is adjusting all the things needed to do a perfect hurdle.
The robot,Virginia’s DREAM, lowers her lifting arm and lets the trackball press the pressure sensor locking the launcher and pressurizing 5 inches of the 2 inch diam cylinders. After 3 seconds the lock releases and the launcher…launches.

what size pistons are you using on the forks?

1.5" bore 9 inch stroke

Thanks. We are trying to get the same effect with only one 1.5 bore 10’’ stroke cylinder. It worked great during prototyping, but now we are having problems lifting.

very nice bot by the way. I’ve been following your progress and I expect good things from your team.

Thanks, I hope we don’t let you down… Will we see you ?
We are going to AZ, LA, Las Vegas and maybe Atlanta

Unfortunately we are going to Florida, Palmetto, and maybe Atlanta

Nice! Looks like it works pretty well :wink:

How much air do you consume per shot?

I am not positive, but I think it is about 1.5 to 2clippards.
The thing is we could charge the cylinders and do lap so the tanks could be replenished before we fire.