Team 842 Live Webcam

We are trying this out! We are going to broadcast 24/7 from now until the end of the school year. The room is most active from 3pm to 5pm right now. MST and lunch from 11 to 1, because of two lunches. Right now we are getting ready for the FTC kickoff we are hosting on Sept. 13

This is AWESOME!

Looks like someone is currently applying some type of solution (perhaps epoxy) to some small item (perhaps a speaker?)

I’ll keep this in a widget on my mac…



I’ll definitely keep up on this! Very entertaining, since I can’t wait for the next season to start.

Big Brother is watching :cool:

It looks like you left the projectile launcher out. Are you planning to use it? Friday night football maybe??

Looks like some programming going on right now!


do i have to sign up for an account to post in chat?

Yes. It’s fast, easy, and free!


I was wondering, where can we find out the FTC kick off location in our area, if there is one?


yeah thanks for the advertisement, but i am going to keep my email address to a minumum

How is it that you guys are so awesome?! I bookmarked it, I’ll be checking in from time to time. :slight_smile:

Is that a new speed-holing pattern for your frame rails I see? Looks like fun.

Hello, Sorry for an off-topic post, but does anyone know where we can register to host an FTC Kick-Off?

The link would be helpful.

Thank you

What do you use your email for? And if you don’t want spam to your inbox, thought about creating an account just for sites.

Start here:
Or contact your local FTC Regional Contact.


I remember that Metal In Motion did something like this back in the day. (I last remember their site doing this around 2005 or so, though maybe they still do it.)

Ought to be interesting.

is there a way to get sound (without signing up)?


We turned the sound off, it normally has sound. We think that the sound might get us into trouble over a years time. We might turn it on during some occasions. Its a school policy thing.

Are you only running this during the day then shutting off after 5? you could have soemthing running in the dark during the night.