Team 842 pictures

Here are some pictures of our recent activity. If you see anything we are doing wrong or have comments please let us know.

That is an absolutely fabulous set of photos.

Makes me miss getting my hands dirty with FIRST.

Keep up the good work!

The work so far looks great.
I have one suggestion though. In several pictures that show someone working on the bot, safety glasses are not being worn. You can replace glasses but you can’t easily replace eyes :ahh:

Good luck this year :slight_smile:

How is your overpass holding up with just PVC? I imagine it to be real flimsy, we’re probably using metal pipe.

I believe the students that constructed our overpass used PVC and placed a smaller diameter (cheaper) metal pipe inside to counter the sagging. That being said I haven’t actually seen it assembled yet.

Great pics! Thanks for the peek!!

Safety glasses?

That cheese-holed chassis looks super light, have you guys weighed it?

We need to send Zach up there to keep you guys safe! But the robot looks great…

Hey where are the safety glasses in some of the pics…lol just jokin…love the pics

Yep…gotta where those safety glasses ALL THE TIME…

We made our overpass out of 1.5 inch pvc…it’s ok as long as you don’t make more than 2 “squares” where the ball rests.

It is weak but with some reinforcements it showed be fine

we made ours from 1" EMT, it seems to droop about an inch in the center with a ball on it.

But the conduit was free!