Team 842,The Forbes Arm, Mach-1

Here is an arm that Steve Forbes, a former NERD 1726 helped us to develop. He works for Intel now and is in town so help mentors here now.

Motors, and grabber coming soon!

Its designs like this that make me see why some people were disappointed to see the 60" rule leave.



woah…wasn’t expecting that!! engineering and creative thinking at its finest!!

To put it simply, Steve Forbes is a genius. Awesome arm this year.

I’m really impressed with how simple and effective this design is. Great work you guys.

I highly approve of this, I’m a fan of more linkage use past 4 bars, more fun to watch.

The elegance is overwhelming

I can imagine how effortlessly this will go from the floor to the scoring pegs.

I am a fan

Very sweet solution. Nice work.

Very nice design. Can’t wait to see that in action at a competition.

Great to see it coming together guys! Hopefully we can get power to it (and a driving base underneath) this weekend and the coming week.

Another fun point to mention about this arm mechanism is that the gripper will fit in the starting dimensions, so no hinge mechanism or “unfolding” will be needed at the beginning of the match. I was pleasantly surprised to see it all work out that way. Certainly a fun concept! Though I think Falcon Arm might be a better name. :slight_smile:

He takes after his mom :stuck_out_tongue:

You are too modest! Your contribution has been invaluable, I wish you were here every day!

Hopefully the banebots come soon!

Any chance we can get a picture or description for those of us stuck behind corporate firewalls?

:smiley: Great work guys hope to see you at the championship!

Oh wow! Original and a thing of beauty! Very cool!


cropped screen shot from the video

The picture doesn’t do the elegance of that design justice.

Reminds me of 1595 in 2007.