Team 842's drivetrain for FIRST Stronghold!

It took us a long time to get our little robot up and running, but we’re pretty happy with the results! Defenses beware!

Looks awesome! Love the drivetrain.

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Excited to see what it turns out to be! See you at the Arizona competition!

Seeing the real suspension system glide over all the defenses gave me goosebumps. I haven’t been this excited about a drive train in a while :wink:

:ooo that rocker bogie at the end

Great job Steve! I almost missed the end…

always sit through the credits. We learned that with Spare Parts.


You are right!

  • 1 articulating drive train is sweet. Need a close up February 23rd

Wow cant wait to see it in action in Flagstaff.

watch your bumper zone.
When one wheel goes up the other goes down increasing the height to your bumper.

It looks like the frame perimeter they have established does not go outside of the bumper zone when articulating.

Not surprised to see something bizarre and esoteric yet super effective from 842.

See: 2013 climber. That thing was the kind of system you joke about at kickoff, knowing it’s too crazy to pull off with a bunch of students in 6 weeks. They did just fine :cool:

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I think our articulation has taken into account the bumper rules… I will let the CADers jump in…

Love the yellow wheels. Oh and the drive too.

how much do the wheels move up and down from your pivot? It seems like +/- 4 inches of movement? Maybe they move freely and have no hard top or bottom in their range?

I love it. Its good to see an “out-of-the-box” solution!

There are hard stops for the travel on all of the wheels, and travel can be limited without much trouble. I believe the largest amount of travel for a wheel on the rocker is just under 2". The nature of the rocking mechanism gives the wheels a lot of travel relative to each other without moving the frame very much. (If we lift the front wheel 3" off the ground, the frame only raises about 1.5")

We’re intending to show the inspectors that the robot will sit on flat ground with any orientation of the suspension and keep the bumpers within the bumper zones. This should satisfy R22 without question, but we’ll also bring our team’s best lawyer just in case. :slight_smile:

Had to do it, school colors…

Thanks for sharing! We have similar ideas going on! (the final product will be very different, but the ideas are similar lol) Hopefully we will have something to show soon too!

Ok, yeah, that was good.