Team 846 CAD Release 2019 Drivetrain Gearbox

Hi All,

Here is Team 846’s (The Funky Monkey’s) 2019 Tank Drivetrain Gearbox, theoretically meant to go at 15 ft. second.

Attached is the Inventor CAD zip file and a doc with design highlights:


Team 846 Co-President

Team846_Gearbox_DesignHighlights.docx (4.6 MB) (27.0 MB)


Why did you use two thinner timing belts rather than one continuous wide belt (with an idler in the middle)?

Reasons we chose to use 2 lighter belts vs 1 heavier belt around the pulleys with an idler:
1) smaller part count (no idler + supporting parts; 1 extra belt)
2) Belt is not bent backwards, which would reduce the belt life (and add more loss).
3) Less energy loss in bending a light vs heavier belt
4) more compact belt path
5) Some redundancy if a belt broke (which has never has happened)

1 and 2 are the main reasons