Team 846 Dual Falcon Swerve

Dear All,
Team 846 is proud to share the design for the swerve module that we have been working on.

Specs and Features:

Geared to 15.18 fps(theoretical)

Weight of 6.3 lbs

Dimensions of 5.5"x7"x9"

2.3125" Ground Clearance

Total Reduction of 23.5:1 for the swiveling motor, which is low, but the Falcon should have more than enough torque with this reduction for this application

MA3 Encoder Geared 1:1 to wheel rotation

The Falcon 500 used for swiveling can be easily replaced by a CIM or NEO, but the one used for driving can’t due to the Falcon’s significantly higher RPM
Attached is the CAD file, as well as a spreadsheet documenting the reductions

846_SwerveAssembly.x_t (32.7 MB)

846_SwerveAssembly.x_t (32.7 MB)

Swerve Gear Reductions.xlsx (11.5 KB)


It might just be me, but it says your file is private or missing.

I changed the file and updated this thread. Try downloading it again, and if that doesn’t work try using this link:
Please let me know if you still run into troubles

Why do you have a MA3 Encoder if the Falcons have an integrated encoder?

Could be a preference thing. I know having an encoder directly on the wheel rotation is easier at least IMO then it being before all of the reduction in the motor. Completely a preference thing though.

The Falcon encoder isn’t 1:1 with module steering angle.

You either need to index somehow with another sensor, start the match in a known location, or have an absolute sensor 1:1 on the module.


I’m excited to see this on your 2020 robot!
Go bananas!
No worries if your 2020 bot ain’t swerve but a monkey swerve would be amazing

It is a lot easier if the encoder has a 1:1 relationship with the angle of the wheel, so software doesn’t have to track all the rotations and do a bunch of math

Thank you!!!

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Monkey… Funky Monkey… Mighty Monkey Wrenches… (Just a few that i know off my head)

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