Team 846: "Moonkey"

Lynbrook Robotics
Team 846 2009 Robot:

Video Highlights from the Silicon Valley Regional:

-4 Wheel tank drive with twist joystick
-1 CIM on each side with AndyMark 12.75:1 gearbox

Ball Intake and Belt System
-Uses 1 CIM, 2 RS-545 motors & 1 FP Motor
-ABS rollers with PVC guides
-Wide mouth pickup
-3/16" diameter urethane belts (3% stretch; 3 lb tension)
-Air tubing kickers to keep balls moving

-Backspin shooter launches 2 balls at a time
-Range: 0 - 2.5 feet
-Roughtop tread on ABS tubing
-Powered by a CIM motor with 3:1 Banebots Gearbox
-Closed Loop Speed control

-Angled rear corners allow 63 degree turns with trailer
-Wide layout for >40% turning torque [34" vs 24"]
-Shortened 13-5/8" wheelbase for 24% lower resistance turning
-Low open top hopper for human loading, stores over 15 balls
-4 Handles for safe, easy lifting

Software & Sensors
-Optical Wheel Encoders
-Custom integrating current sensors on drive motors
-Dual accelerometers on left and right to monitor slip conditions
-Gyro for turning stability
-LCD display for on-robot diagnostics with custom Arduino (I2C comm)
-Hall Effect sensor with neodymium magnet for shooter speed control

What shape is your backside?

edit: congrats on the sweet bot, looks like you guys built a contender.

It looks like they’ve got bumpers on the back corners, both sides of the corner. Long as those are 6", they’re good.

My personal favorite part of your guys bot is the nice furry thing on the top:)

This team had some serious offensive fire power!
didnt play with or against them but after watching a few of their matches, this robot was easily one of the better bots at SVR.

They also gave the best gift to each and every team as noted by their sponsor on their robot hopper, Western Digital.
They gave an 80gb portable hard drive to each and every team at the event.
By my calculations, at $100 each (Best Buy has them), almost $5 G’s!!!

Great robot!

It was great being on an alliance with you guys. Too bad the other alliance’s supercell got in at the last second =(

We’ll see you at the Championships! You guys will do great.

What are kind of diagnostics are you getting with the arduino? That is really cool.

I agree! I love the monkey on top; did you guys zip-tie it on?

I love your robot! as do several of my teammates.


The LCD screen displays values from our sensors such as the encoders and gyros, which we’re trying to use for traction control. There are 3 monkeys zip tied on top.
Here’s a picture of our backside. The rear bumpers are 6 inches and we added some wood wedges to the frame to change the angle. You can also just barely see the LCD right behind the hitch.
Here’s a YouTube link to a new Moonkey video mix (3/23):

Someone call the PETA…