Team 846: Offseason 2013 Highlights!

We had a great time with our 2013 robot, Ultimate Funky Object. Here, you can see her in her final form at CalGames and Madtown Throwdown:

We spent a lot of time working on this robot (our most complicated and difficult design ever) and learned a lot from working on our climb and our autonomous modes. We’re ready to tackle whatever 2014 throws at us with the lessons we learned from 2013. It was a tough season, and there are definitely things that we could have done differently . . . but the journey was worth it. Enjoy!

Congratulations on a great offseason! I enjoyed the video.

Seeing your midline auto and 20pt climb working were real sweet. You guys should be proud of all you’ve accomplished. I’m excited to see what you come up with next year (and if you finally ditch CAN).

Glad to see that you guys improved your climb since the Boston Regional. Hopefully we will see you again in New England once the cross district playing has been figured out.

Thanks guys! We fully intend to, once cross-district play is worked out, to return to the East Coast for a regional. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Boston.

In terms of CAN, we are contemplating the switch and intend to put in a large order of Talons very soon. We are continuing to develop our usage of CAN because its features have been valuable to us (less pwm cables to make, current readings conveniently displayed, etc.), but we are also preparing for a switch because the reliability of the CAN has not ceased to be an issue and those jaguars are very large speed controllers for a very small robot. We’ll be making our decision soon :slight_smile: