Team 846: Reaching For the Next Rung on the Archimedes Field!

Thanks to our friends on Team 254, 1868, and 971, we got some drive time at the NASA lab. We used this valuable time with our practice robot to test our improved shooter and train our drivers with our new flashlight to line up faster . . . and our climber, which has been in the works throughout our two regional events.

At last it works, and just in time too; Archimedes is a tough division, and with our tightened up shooting game, ability to clean up the discs on the ground in the front court, midline autonomous, and our climb, we hope to make a show!

We still have a ways to go, but here’s the video.

Our colorful robot, Ultimate Funky Object:

Reveal Video:

We’ll be able to get 20 pts. fairly quickly; we’re still tweaking things. The modifications for going to 30 will likely not make it onto the bot, unfortunately. We’ll see how it goes.