Team 846, The Funky Monkeys New Website

Hey everyone,

This year our team has designed a new website, located at Check it out!
It would be great to have some constructive criticism on the design or navigation of our new website, so please send any comments you may have!

Excellent site. I love the minimalist feel to it and the professional looking layout. Navigation is easy and your resources page is broad and has plenty of useful advice.

A few comments:
1: Check your spacing/formatting. On the “Our Workshop” page, the titles for the Mini Mill and Mini Lathe appear smaller due to being so close to the pictures above them. This isn’t necessarily bad-- it’s a small thing-- but it looks weird, so I’m commenting on it.

 2: The "Our Story" page could really use some images-- previous logos, competition pictures, etc, to break up the large amount of text. For a good example of this, check out [Team 1816- The Green Machine's website.]( The quotes and pictures make the read feel a little bit more lively (though they could have a little more horizontal variety to the pictures. I do love that you have a team picture from almost every year in that section though. It's very cool to see how teams have grown through the years. 

 3: I can't fault the aesthetic of your website, though it does seem a little too plain for a team called "The Funky Monkeys!" That's more of a team preference, though-- if that's your team aesthetic, that's great. That being said, at least from the pictures of your team online, your color appears to be red, so it's a little (read: very) weird that the website doesn't have any red at all on it. I can't really say that's a bad thing-- it's neither my place nor inclination to tell anyone else what to do with their team's image-- but it's inconsistent with the other material related to your team that I have seen. 

Also, is this all student work? If it is, kudos to them, as the site is very professional and has a ton of depth to it.

Good luck in all your endeavors.

Yes, this website was completely designed and coded from scratch by students from our team. It uses a custom content management system we completely coded ourselves. Thanks for the feedback!