Team 854 loses a member

Team 854 based out of Toronto’s west end lost a member this year during the summer just before school started. From what I have heard he died during surgery.

Cleon was going into grade 11 this school year and really enjoyed anything mechanical. Cleon had lots of ideas and just wanted to help out in any way he could, he will be missed in and around the shop. If anyone in Canada has seen the FIRST commercials on the Discovery channel he was in one of those and explained how being in FIRST had given him an idea of what he wanted to do (for a career). I believe Cleon wanted to become a car designer when he got older. is a memorial site set-up by Cleon’s family, please take some time to visit it and leave some comments on their guest-book.

R.I.P. Cleon

So sorry to hear that you’ve lost one of your friends. It’s always sad to lose someone close, and even more tragic when it’s someone so young. My prayers go out to your team and to his family

I remember meeting Cleon a few times during the Greater Toronto Regional over the past few years. He was a warm soul and very passionate about robotics. I an very sorry for your loss, my prayers go out to the family, friends, and teammates.

I’m very sorry to hear about Cleon. Beth is right, to lose a friend so young is hard. My thoughts are with the family, the community, and the team.
Team 418

116 recently lost an alumnus, and I can tell you, we feel your pain. Our hearts and prayers extend out to Cleon’s family and friends, and Team 854. Best of wishes to you, and best of memoies to Cleon.

I remeber seeing him at the GTR few times, as well as on the Discovery channel commercial. My thoughts are with the family and the team.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Cleon the past two years at events. He was always very kind and passionate towards FIRST. There was always a certain energy about him. He was one of those people who always had joy in his voice, and his mood was infectious. He will be missed. Please convey my regards and prayers to his family.


Here’s the link to Cleon in the Discovery FIRST PSA.

Please pass our thoughts and prayers to Cleon’s family, friends and teammates.

Thoughts and prayers to all of Cleon’s family, friends, and team. I’ll know to watch for him on Discovery when I visit my family in Canada (it’s particularly near and dear to me as a Canadian citizen, even though I never had the opportunity to meet him).

The Canuck

Wow- he sounds like he was an awful lot like me. (most FIRSTers are) Mighty sobering thought- helps keep everything in perpsective.
My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. May God comfort you all.

Best wishes to Cleon and his family. My thoughts and prays go out to him and his family.