Team 857 - Up and Driving!

We finally got our sprockets and spacers straightened out, so it was time to take our robot for a test drive!

Strange… apparently AVI should be capped for the link to work properly

EDIT: odd works for me bot ways now, the first time I tried I got an error about a Yeti moving a page :slight_smile:
Ah, I see they upped a second version of the file consistent with Katie’s link

Uncapped “avi” worked fine for me, I’m using Safari 3.0.

Anyways, fast drivetrain, are those omni’s on the front? Sorta hard to tell from the video. Can’t wait to see the rest of it.

Mike C.

Yea the omnis are in the front, for now at least. Still got to add our manipulator, hopefully we’ll be done some time this week.