Team 868 - Season Highlight Video

This is a recap of our 2013 FRC season. We would like to thank our team members, mentors, sponsors, families, friends and everyone we had the honor to compete with! Thanks for all the support you all have been giving to us as well. This has truly been an amazing year and we can’t wait to see everyone at IRI and next year!

2013 Awards:

  • Boilermaker Industrial Design Award
  • Boilermaker Regional Winner
  • Crossroads Regional Winner
  • Indiana State Champions

One of my favorite robots this year…goes to show the value of KISS and a well practiced drive team!

I can see myself at 2:20! :wink:

Also, congratulations on an amazing season to 868. You guys were unstoppable this year.

Sick video!

I’ve got to give credit to you guys for being in that 99th percentile of top cyclers this year. As well all the matches I saw of you guys, your driver was literally incredible.

Awesome Video, Congrats to all those involved in the production! Also congrats on an amazing season and robot! You guys were one of the absolute sickest cyclers to watch!

Congratulations on a fantastic season this year!
You guys were definitely one of the top 5 cyclers in the world- if not the best.
I remember watching some of your matches from Archimedes and wondering how you loaded so fast.


Having worked field reset at all 3 Indiana events so far this year, and having seen things on the field first hand, all I can say is “wow”.

If this robot and strategy isn’t proof of KISS than I don’t know what is. Simple, elegant, streamlined, and very effective.

Hats off to the drivers and especially the human player! You guys took a simple idea and made it great by being the best at it!