Team 868- The TechHOUNDS Pre-ship Photos
I’m standing on the other side of the overpass with my arm up, this is where the trackball usually lands

See you at BMR!

thats one scary robot. I’d hate to be in front of that when it launched.

nice work!

:ahh: :ahh: :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:


Looking good!

How do you pick the ball up?

What kind of drive system do you have?

We’ll see you at BMR.


What kind of drive system do you have?

We have a 6 wheel drive that uses 4 in. IFI traction wheels

How do you pick the ball up?

The 2 “arms” that are at the very tip of our catapult open and close to swoop under the ball and hold it like a forklift, we can pull the arms up and close them into our body to hold the ball safely as we manuver

amazing…simply amazing

I’d love to see a video of this thing launching…

but it looks amazing! Good job!

That’s quite a launch!!!

Good thing 868 builds well, otherwise all that energy would tear it apart :wink:

I’m speechless.

Here is a short vid with pictures of the pre-ship bot and video of 2 practice launches, we only launched twice at STL because of Mecanical/Electrical problems but all the bugs are fixed for BMR



BIG AIR TIME!!! SWEET LAUNCHER. Good luck the rest of the season.Hope to see it at IRI.