Team 869's 2013 Robot: Tesla

Power Cord Team 869 would like to present our 2013 robot, Tesla.

For Ultimate Ascent we decided to go with a primarily defensive strategy. Utilizing both a strong 6 motor, 8 wheel drive train as well as a dynamic wind current shot deflection system. (Fan) We also have a 10 point Hang as well as the ability to score in the low goal in autonomous.

So far we have captained the 8th alliance at TCNJ and were picked up as part of the 4th alliance at the Bridgewater District Event. We will be competing next at MAR Champs.

Let us know what you guys think!

I think were seeing the making of a new kind of powerhouse…
a DEFENSIVE powerhouse team.

Last year was great working with you guys in CT. I said this last year but a pure defense bot worries me when its on the same alliance because that’s almost no points, but you guys do the BEST job at it and it really works. It just takes dedication to the strategy and you guys got it

Just a side note: be careful with those pinning rules. In the video it looked like it was very close to a foul a few times

This is fantastic.

In the video it looked like it was very close to a foul a few times

But isnt that what makes them so good?

Anyway, I daw you guys in one match against 11, MORT, and I was astounded at your driver’s skill and robots ability. You Shutdown one of the best shooters at the district to within a few discs. Incredible.

I love the defensive approach, because it is a road less travled and takes great skill and planning to execute effectively.

+1 for the great compilation too

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Such a smart Idea

First off, this is awesome. Secondly, how’d you guys fair against tall shooter bots?

You’re making us look bad :wink:

Seriously though, I actually look forward to playing against you guys because the strategy we must adapt is so different than in every other match. You get better at defense every year, while the rest of us use it as plan B.

Those defense clips were hilarious to watch. Great job, guys!

We loved working with you guys at Bridgewater. You were definitely my personal favorite robot at the event. Kudos on an interesting design and best of luck at MAR CMP!

Edit: Can we all just appreciate the glory that is 3:10 in that video?

Can you guys describe how you arrived at your final fan and what you are powering it with? Was it just a last minute “Uh… that fan on that desk over there looks pretty good!” or did you try a bunch of different potential paths?

Woah, it’s ghost-bot!

See you guys this weekend!


We developed the fan pretty thoroughly during our build season. First we started by testing deflection using a standard pedestal fan. When we found that the used fan gave us e the deflection we wanted, we looked at the motor specs on that fan. From there, we matched those specs as close as possible. We also increased out fan blade from 3 prop to 5 prop.

Our fan is powered by a CIM going to 3:1 banebots reduction. We are able to displace 5400 cubic feet of air per minute. So just to clarify, our fan is not an off the shelf fan, but a custom prop mated to a banebots. The cage is COTS as well and makes it look like an off the shelf fan, but I assure you it isn’t.

Also we have gone up against taller shooters and have done very well against them, our air current is focused through our wind sock which improves our deflection.

Eric, We were absolutely ecstatic to work with a team like MORT, you guys have a great machine and a great crew. I wish we could’ve been a better asset in elms, perhaps we can get some matches together at MAR Champs!