Team 87 thanks Team 222

On behalf of Team 87, I would like to thank team 222 for choosing Diablo in the elimination rounds at Duel on the Delaware. You guys are a great team, and we were honored to get to alliance with you. Your drivers today were amazing! You played some great matches today, it was a pleasure to just watch you guys beast the other teams today.

Team 222 would like to extend our thanks to 87 and 357 for being awesome alliance partners. You guys worked really well with us even with the off-the-wall (or should I say floor) platform A-Bomb and through our driver training. Hope to see you two quality teams and all the other teams at Brunswick Eruption and Ramp Riot.

Both teams are great teams and fun to compete with.

87 sure had the spirit Saturday morning- although I’m not sure what music they were dancing to in the stands? ; )


They were dancing because there beloved leader came back to visit…

Or it could just be because they are totally and completely NUTS!!! :smiley: