Team 8724 is missing from The Blue Alliance

I am the co-head coach of Team 8724 Mayhem. I was looking on The Blue Alliance and noticed that 8724 is not there. We officially registered after the “deadline” and so I believe that is why we are not there. We are on FIRST’s website.

How does 8724 get added to The Blue Alliance?


You should be listed on there automatically whenever FIRST updates the data in the API that TBA uses for team information. It tends to lag behind during the off-season, but it should at least come up by competition season when data gets posted in real-time.

(also pinging @krf and @Eugene_Fang if this isn’t accurate or there’s anything they can do)

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IIRC, the api’s on FIRST’s end are somewhat a mess currently. Most 2022 rookies “dont exist” on TBA, but if you manually force the search for them they show up (up to 8830 or so, then they dont show up at all. 8724 doesnt show up either, probably due to paying after the api broke(?))

TBA is also going through some upgrades, but afaik any issues related to that do not affect 2022 rookies.


Per my understanding (which admittedly may be incomplete) Mikal is mostly right.

TBA is currently undergoing a decent migration of it’s codebase, but that’s independent of some unexpected API changes that caused bugs in reading and parsing data from FIRST’s FRC-Events API. These bugs were filed in November, and are still open, so we don’t really have a solution other than mitigation, but there are still unideal edge cases.

As to why new teams aren’t showing up, it may be a bug elsewhere, but manual polling is still a thing I think, so Phil could still sync the team manually potentially.


Yeah, unfortunately the data is a bit messy currently.

Because we’re still finishing up porting the site to python3 and the upstream API bugs @krf linked, we’ve had had automatic event registration fetches disabled (because they wouldn’t work anyway).

It has been a little while since the last manual run though, so I can kick off another and manually mop up the data. Sorry about that, I’ve been working this weekend on getting the upstream datafeed properly ported so py3 so we can turn everything back on in time for the season - sorry about the delay here!

As to why new teams aren’t showing up, it may be a bug elsewhere …

New teams are actually created when they register for an event, so not fetching registrations means we weren’t pulling in new teams.


I can see Team 8724 in The Blue Alliance.

Thanks, @plnyyanks and @krf.


Rdeml, As the faculty advisor for Team 509 Red Storm out of Bedford High School I wanted to welcome your team to FRC and offer any assistance to you that we have available to our team.
This includes access to our cnc router, mills, lathes, Laser engraver and 3d printers in addition to our full machine and wood shop.

Happy new year! Zach

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