Team 884 30 pt Climber Testing

Its not quite done a few more guard rails and a dumper will be added. Nemo kept us out of the shop last night and today :frowning: . Hope to have it finished up by Wednsday night. Here is the video:

14 Airtanks!

Love the claws. Great job! I’m really pleased to see all of these climber designs, I’m a bit jealous!

You guys might want to look at using several single solenoids so you can use lower pressure air for extending your cylinders. That would drastically cut down on your air consumption, and it’s not like you need the full 60 psi for extending the cylinders.

Thanks thats a good idea cause it takes us 6 minutes to charge all the tanks and we would love to use less of them. I’ll mention it to the team

Trick is that you have to regulate upstream from the solenoid valve. Putting a regulator downstream from the valve can make strange things happen. So you’d basically have a bank of solenoids under 60psi pressure and all attached to the retract side of cylinders and a bank of solenoids under 15-20psi pressure all attached to the extend side of the cylinders.

Be careful about where the bottom part of your robot rests… Remember that if any part of your robot (including wheels or bumpers) is at or below the plane going across the TOP of the middle rung, you will only get 20 points. Make sure the whole robot is fully elevated so you don’t get any unfortunate surprises at the competition!

The lowest part is about 2" over the middle rung:)

A 30pt climb is impressive!!! And your robot looks very clean :slight_smile:

Holy airtanks!! It might be a little late now but you can get a 1 gallon metal tank that should hold all of your air that weighs less than all of those tanks combined, and looks cooler :smiley:

Sweet climber though, you guys do that quick!! If you really want to save air you could invest in spring extension cylinders that only use air on the way in and a spring going out, we thought about it until our 30 pt climber got scrapped.

Where can I get one?

A quick search showed me this tank. Might be a problem for Canada, but they do have trucks with air brakes there, right? :wink: Might be as simple as hustling down to a Peterbilt dealer and see what the repair shop can rustle up.

Thanks for the comments. We are looking into getting a new tank and cylinders now but with our limited rescources and this late in the game might not happen before end day!!

you can get a 1 gallon metal tank that should hold all of your air that weighs less than all of those tanks combined

14 of the 41 cubic inch tanks they’re using equals 574 cubic inches.

1 gallon is 231 cubic inches.

Might want to do a few calculations on required air consumption before committing to the 1 gallon tank.

We are looking at some 2.5 gallon tanks

Is your robot too wide to fit inside the top of the pyramid?

Pardon me, I checked out tank today and it is 3 Gallons, I had realized my error. I believe that this is the one that we ordered specifically.

I’m sorry for the misinformation.

How heavy is the tank?

Using an air ride tank is probably the coolest thing Ive seen on an FRC bot.

Yes but that’s the plan!!!

I will let you know tomorrow when we meet. I’ll grab the scale and weigh it. I believe that it is roughly 8-9 pounds though, maybe less.