Team 885 2017 Offseason Reveal Video

Bruce Force Trauma proudly presents Bruce :slight_smile:

Yes we can still be friends! :stuck_out_tongue:

Your whole alliance played a great set of semi-final matches with some well thought out strategy. That was an intense match up that left a lot of robots dead. :o

Congratulations to your driver he really gave our new drivers a challenge that shut them down. Extremely good defense!

Oh yeah if you wanna have an easier time climbing add some slack in the rope that gives way once the drum pulls on the rope and allows enough to be attached so once it’s pulled tight you won’t pull loose. It would be easier than driving a fair bit forward and then backwards to deal with the slack. This can accomplished with something like a Slipknot or a few pieces of Velcro sewed to the rope near the top so the rope can attach to itself but then get pulled appart once your drum attached. I’m just going off of a clip of you climbing in the video so you you may have e that stuff already it just didn’t show up in the video.

1073 had a great time playing with you guys! We hope to see you at some other offseason events!

Another way to make climbing easier is to just turn the drum the other way, so that there’s practically no load when it first catches. The other thing we did to help catch the rope was add little tabs of velcro sticking out of the drum. After we made these two changes we never missed a climb.

Thanks for the advice, we had a slipknot in it that worked pretty good but we plan to sew on some elastic so it will stretch when we start reeling in

That was definitely one fun and intense semifinals, they majority of the dead robots was ours pulling so much power we blew our 120A breaker :slight_smile:

We had a great time as well, we’ll be looking for you guys at our future events