Team 8871 Looking to borrow batteries at Worlds (Johnson div)

Hello CD,

So a couple of weeks ago team 8871 qualified for the world championships! (in our case making it in by the skin of our teeth) As we need to fly into Houston we are unable to bring any of our batteries with us per TSA. That being said, we are looking to borrow some batteries for the duration of the world championships.

We are willing to utilize older batteries if necessary provided they test okay. We are set to be in the Johnson Division so that should help narrow things down for those on the other side of the venue. Please feel free to reply here or DM me if you are able to give us a hand. I realize this is very last minute but due to some of the reasons we were in the esteemed “None Division” I did not want to post and ask until everything was 100 percent for us.


We are in the Galileo division but we’ll be bringing 18 batteries with us. You’re welcome to borrow whatever you need. Just stop by. Team 1701.

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