Team 888 2009 Robot

This is our 2009 Practice bot- the competition bot is identical, but prettier, with more lexan.
-5 balls scored in autonomous
-three speed electronic gearing (40%,60%, 100% power)
-stores/scores 8-9 balls
-rollers are completely reversable
-can handle empty cells individually

What is the range of your shooter?

Pretty cool to see a team got camera control to work.

You have to be against the trailer- it’s just a conveyor belt that rolls the balls out.

And yeah we didn’t have any problems driving the robot through the camera.

yes, we got the camera working quite easily-contrary to the anticipated struggle. as a whole, the control team has had relatively few problems…its those darn mechanics slowing us down… :-p

not bad. not bad at all!

This looks really good!

About how long does it take to collect and score the balls?

I like it. It looks simple and effective.
P.S. I’ll see you guys at Annapolis. Good luck.

It can just drive over balls and collects them right away, you don’t need to stop driving to collect and score.